The Frequency TV Managing Producer is both a visionary of the Frequency TV brand and mission, and an extraordinary leader tasked with overseeing all positions and aspects of Frequency TV; including broadcast programming, branding materials, and website maintenance elements. They communicate, organize, lead, and advocate both internally among Frequency staff, and externally with Columbia College staff, faculty, and community partners. Additionally, they will be at the forefront of developing original content; evaluating the relevance, effectiveness, and quality of all Frequency TV content. The Managing Producer will still hold responsibilities to participate in assignments, productions, and post production.

All applicants must be at least a second-semester sophomore, completed the core curriculum in their major and have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Candidate Attributes

●      Must be a people person and a leader; providing guidance, direction, detail, and support when needed

●      Able to effectively communicate to coworkers, administrative and department partners, and volunteers

●      Self-motivated; and be able to direct, manage, enforce, and reflect on responsibilities given to subordinate staff

●      Must be a creative visionary, and able to design and implement executive goals and mission into Frequency TV’s work

●      Maintains a constructive, observant, and analytical criticism of content and operations

●      Must be a decisive decision maker

●      Impeccably organized and detail oriented

●      Able to manage multiple, ongoing projects

●      Experienced in most areas of both recorded and live video/TV production

●      Able to handle multi-tasking and tight schedules

●      Must have a flexible work schedule


 Technical Skills & Operations:

●      Advanced computer and digital literacy

●      Email and online communication systems

●      Office utility softwares (Microsoft Office, iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers), Google Drive, etc.)

●      Squarespace online website builder

●      Video camera technical operation and shot composition

●      Field audio mixer and microphone

●      Adobe Premiere or other video editing software

●      Adobe After Effects or other video compositing software

●      Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or other photo and graphic compositing software

●      Adobe Media Encoder