Frequency TV partners with departments and organizations within Columbia College Chicago and in the community to support our TV programming efforts. Our partnership content is developed to satisfy a series of purposes that: benefit our affiliates, allow Frequency TV to maintain our creative identity, and highlight Columbia College Chicago experience through the work and expression of the student body.

Over the years, working with Frequency TV has been extremely beneficial for ShopColumbia. Frequency TV provides us the opportunity to showcase artists and promote our services to a broader audience, reaching the entire Columbia College community. Filming has always been a fun and professional experience!
— Tracey Drobot-Brouwer, ShopColumbia Operations Coordinator

Welcome to ShopColumbia | HOTSPOTS

Frequency TV may produce and feature any Columbia College department, organization, or student project as a part of our series-based original TV programming. Each program we pursue and/or develop is evaluated under a set of guidelines to insure the video content suits the needs of our broadcast, and interests our viewers.

  • Partnership: Partner programming strives to include the styling, branding, and subject matter requested by our partners to produce thoughtful and mutually beneficial content together.

  • Content Relevance: Content is part of ongoing programming, or in the pursuit of new interests of Frequency TV.

  • Categorical: Partnership content reflects the themes of Frequency TV’s content categories (Clickbait, Expression, Hotspots, Lifestyle, Topical, Office Hours).

  • Series-Based: Partner content fits into an ongoing series, or be in the development of a new series lasting three or more episodes.

  • Episode Longevity: Content maintains a reasonable duration of relevance for Frequency TV’s rebroadcasting purposes.

  • Branding: Graphic imagery and narrative story is structured in a similar fashion to other Frequency TV programming, and contains Frequency TV brand and logo elements among the program credits.

  • Editorial: Frequency TV producers hold the right of final decision on all content and editorial issues, and may not observe requests presented by our partners.

*Frequency TV is not available for general coverage of classroom lectures or presentations, guest speakers, departmental gatherings or any other event unless they comply with these guidelines.

Chris West | Operations Manager

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