A Frequency TV post production supervisor is a leader and a team member involved in editing, color correcting, audio, and graphics. They have an advanced knowledge of computers and post-production softwares, and will be the “go-to” editor for all major Frequency TV productions.

 All applicants must be at least a second-semester sophomore, completed the core curriculum in their major and have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Candidate Attributes

 ●      Must have an outgoing personality and able to communicate properly with Frequency staff members, fellow students, faculty and staff.

●      Must be self-motivated, creative, a good story teller and proficient in editing/post production techniques and applications.

●      Must be able to input creative direction, and work under the direction and guidance of producers.

●      Must be highly organized with digital assets and server media.

●      Must be a problem solver and can work around technical and creative issues.

●      Must be able to work on deadline and short turn-around times.

●      Must be able to work on multiple, ongoing projects.

Technical Skills & Operations:

●      Advanced user of Adobe Premiere and Adobe Suite software

●      Color Correction

●      Sound Editing & Mixing

●      Rudimentary understanding of Adobe After Effects and compositing, motion graphics, and animation

●      Basic knowledge of graphic design.

●      Understanding of file types, codecs, and compression and transcoding.

●      Able to organize and maintain files in a server.