A Frequency TV production technician is the shooter for all major Frequency TV productions and focuses on camera work, lighting, and audio for both field and in-studio productions. They will occasionally step up to roles that include directing single camera, and multi-camera studio productions and other tasks

 All applicants must be at least a second-semester sophomore, completed the core curriculum in their major and have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Candidate Attributes

●      Must be experienced in camera work.

●      Must be able to take creative direction and input creative elements for technical aspects of productions.

●      Must be able to communicate directions and tasks for other production members (staff, volunteers, talent, etc.).

●      Must be able to train volunteers on basic production tasks.

●      Must have a basic understanding of lighting equipment and how to light talent.

●      Must be able to work on multiple, ongoing projects.

●      Must have a flexible schedule.


Technical Skills & Operations:

●      Advanced video camera technical operation and shot composition

●      Understanding of Audio recording, including field audio mixer and microphone

●      Fundamental knowledge of lighting and shaping of light to produce flattering imagery.

●      Basic knowledge of multi-cam studio production, or eagerness to learn these operations.

●      Additional knowledge of other areas of video producing (pre-production, post-production) is a plus.