Frequency TV’s staff of Columbia College Chicago students bring unique experiences, backgrounds, and skills that make up a dynamic media-making team. Learn about our staff positions, and consider joining the crew.


Managing Producer

The Frequency TV Managing Producer is both a visionary of the Frequency TV brand and mission, and an extraordinary leader tasked with overseeing all positions and aspects of Frequency TV; including broadcast programming, branding materials, and website maintenance elements. They communicate, organize, lead, and advocate both internally among Frequency staff, and externally with Columbia College staff, faculty, and community partners. Additionally, they will be at the forefront of developing original Frequency TV content; evaluating the relevance, effectiveness, and quality of all content. The Managing Producer will still hold responsibilities to participate in assignments, productions, and post production.


Creative Producer

The Frequency TV Creative Producer is a leader of the content producers involved in the creative process of developing the Frequency TV content that airs both on campus and online.


Content Producer

A Frequency TV content producer is a leader and a team member involved in the creative and technical process of creating informational and entertainment content that airs both on campus and online.


Post-Production Supervisor

A Frequency TV post production supervisor is a leader and a team member involved in editing, color correcting, audio, and graphics. They will be the “go-to” editor for all major Frequency TV productions.


Production technician

A Frequency TV production technician is the shooter for all major Frequency TV productions and focuses on camera work, lighting, and audio for both field and in-studio productions.


*All Frequency TV positions are only available to current full-time Columbia College Chicago students. There are no current job openings.